Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse ReliefOnce either you or your spouse file together, you are both liable for the result­ing tax lia­bil­ity. This trans­lates to each of you being indi­vid­u­ally liable for what is due.

Under cer­tain cir­cum­stances, the IRS accepts an “Inno­cent spouse relief” claim to a tax debt. If you believe that you should not be held liable for a tax bal­ance that is the result of your spouse fil­ing, Tax Release Inc. can help. Our tax attor­neys will review your sit­u­a­tion to deter­mine whether inno­cent spouse relief is an option or rec­om­mend another res­o­lu­tion that you may qual­ify for.

Do You Qual­ify for Inno­cent Spouse Relief?

Inno­cent spouse relief sounds very sim­ple but it can get com­pli­cated and it would be bet­ter for you to speak with one of our tax pro­fes­sion­als. You may qual­ify if:

  • An error was made by your spouse or for­mer spouse regard­ing the details of your filing.
  • When you signed the tax return you had no idea or had any rea­son to ques­tion the accu­racy of the filing.

Indi­vid­ual Lia­bil­ity for Joint Tax Returns

For tax­pay­ers who do not qual­ify for an Inno­cent Spouse Relief you may be able to sep­a­rate the lia­bil­ity between what you and your spouse or for­mer spouse owes. You may be able to allo­cate the addi­tional tax lia­bil­ity you and your spouse owe. This way, instead of owing the full amount you will only be respon­si­ble for what applies to you or you may be able to split it equally.

Tax Release Inc. will review and eval­u­ate your case. Based on your sit­u­a­tion we will be able to deter­mine which is the best option you qual­ify for. If we deter­mine that inno­cent spouse relief is the best res­o­lu­tion that you qual­ify for then we will fight for your tax­payer rights and deliver a strong case to the IRS.