Wage Garnishments

Can you afford to live on 50% of your pay­check? Prob­a­bly not. When the IRS or a State has failed to col­lect back taxes, they will begin to seize assets. If phone calls and let­ters are not returned, they will take the next step. This process is called a “levy”. The tax­ing author­i­ties are legally allowed to seize bank accounts, demand pay­ment from accounts receiv­able, take con­trol of prop­erty for auc­tion, and assume title on vehi­cles. Vir­tu­ally any­thing of value can be seized to sat­isfy the out­stand­ing debt.

Wage gar­nish­ments are another form of tax levy, though the seizure of assets from your pay­check is an ongo­ing process. If the levy on your wages is removed through tax res­o­lu­tion, the wage gar­nish­ments will be stopped.

Since wage gar­nish­ments func­tion as a basic form of a forced, invol­un­tary install­ment plan, they can some­times be removed through tax res­o­lu­tion by set­ting up a reg­u­lar and approved install­ment plan. Besides remov­ing the bur­den from your employer and giv­ing you the power to han­dle the pay­ments your­self, an install­ment plan can often be set up with pay­ments that are con­sid­er­ably less than the wage gar­nish­ment amounts. That is why this form of tax res­o­lu­tion is very common.

Levies and wage gar­nish­ment can be the most stress­ful and humil­i­at­ing of all col­lec­tion tac­tics. They do this to force tax­pay­ers into will­ful com­pli­ance. We may be able to release your wages from gar­nish­ment and/or pos­si­bly stop the levy. Optima Tax Relief has been suc­cess­ful in get­ting levies lifted and gar­nish­ments stopped in a timely man­ner. We know your rights as a tax­payer and we are here to help.