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The Tax Attorney About Us

Spe­cial­ized tax defense by highly pro­fes­sional tax attorneys

We are a full-service tax and debt relief firm head­quar­tered in Los Ange­les, CA, with offices in L.A. and South San Fran­cisco. Our friendly, car­ing staff under­stands more than any­one the neg­a­tive impact that tax bur­dens and debt prob­lems can have on all aspects of life, and for years, we’ve been here to help. With tons of suc­cess sto­ries and the many acco­lades our team of attor­neys and CPA’s have picked up along the way, we’re the clear choice when it comes to resolv­ing your tax prob­lems once and for all.

A lit­tle more about us, Tax Release Incor­po­rated (TRI), a sub­sidiary of the Law Offices of Edgardo M. Lopez, was estab­lished in 1987 to pro­vide clients a more focused and spe­cial­ized tax defense by highly pro­fes­sional tax attor­neys, IRS enrolled agents and CPAs autho­rized to prac­tice before the IRS through­out the United States. TRI also han­dle mat­ters per­tain­ing to Board of Equal­iza­tion sales tax issues and EDD pay­roll matters.


To make sure that every tax­payer who retains our com­pany is guar­an­teed the best ser­vice avail­able and that every tax­payer is pro­tected of his or her rights under the “Tax­pay­ers Bill of Rights.” We will stand and fight for tax­pay­ers so that no stone is left unturned in their defense.

I have seen tax­pay­ers mis­led by tax res­o­lu­tion com­pa­nies promis­ing unre­al­is­tic results. In the end, the tax­payer is left hold­ing the bag with the same tax prob­lems unre­solved. Hav­ing a tax prob­lem is in itself a stress­ful expe­ri­ence and to be vic­tim­ized by unscrupu­lous tax res­o­lu­tions com­pa­nies is like pour­ing salt to a wound.

I formed this com­pany with the mis­sion and vision that a trou­bled tax­payer must be served by an hon­est and pro­fes­sional tax res­o­lu­tion com­pany that does not mis­rep­re­sent but “calls it as it sees it.” By being trans­par­ent to tax­pay­ers, their expec­ta­tions are real­is­tic and tax­pay­ers are ready to accept actual qual­i­fied solu­tions to their tax dilemma.

Another objec­tive that I had in mind dur­ing the estab­lish­ment of this com­pany was ded­i­ca­tion. There is to be no dif­fer­ence whether it is a $10,000 lia­bil­ity vs. $1,000,000 lia­bil­ity case. We would ded­i­cate our time and labor on a prob­lem as if it was our own prob­lem. I always put myself in their shoes. By doing this, you exert the same ded­i­ca­tion and hard work on any case regard­less of the tax lia­bil­ity amount.

Atty. Edgardo M. Lopez, founder and pres­i­dent of Tax Release Incorporated

We devote our­selves to ensur­ing our clients are extremely sat­is­fied with our ser­vice and we stand by our com­mit­ment by help­ing them from start to fin­ish. We always appre­ci­ate their busi­ness and we thank them for their con­tin­u­ous sup­port and pos­i­tive referrals.


We would like tax­pay­ers across Amer­ica to rely on our expe­ri­ence, knowl­edge and hard work to relieve them of the stress of hav­ing to deal with their tax prob­lems. Our ded­i­cated tax pro­fes­sion­als of lawyers, accoun­tants and enrolled agents are always avail­able ready to answer ques­tions and pro­vide prac­ti­cal solu­tions that no other com­pany could offer thus, estab­lish­ing our rep­u­ta­tion as one, if not the most, depend­able tax res­o­lu­tion com­pany in the United States.